Testing Driver Timer in work environment and bug fixing

Today I tested my Driver Timer application in a real world environment while I was driving at my part time driving job. I discovered a couple of bugs in the application which I fixed afterwards.

Fixed continuous vibrate alert

The vibrate alert wouldn’t stop because I had it set to alert the driver when he reached four and a half hours driving time. I also had programmed the timer to stop at four and a half hours but not reset so the user could see the time, thus the when the timer stopped it was perpetually four and a half hours. My fix for this issue was for the alert to vibrate at four hours, twenty-nine minutes and fifty nine seconds.

Fixed incorrect seconds for vibrate alerts and removed unnecessary hours display for rest time placeholders

For the thirty minute drive time remaining alert I had incorrectly worked out when this should alert the user, so this was fixed. For the place holder rest time I also removed the hour digits because the maximum rest required is just forty five minutes, so hours are not needed.


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November 14, 2014