Interactive Christmas tree

During my summer internship at Thinking Juice in Bournemouth, I was asked to create an interactive installation for Christmas.

For this I decided to create an interactive Christmas tree which featured lights that would turn on when someone would put their hands close to them using infrared emitters and receivers to detect proximity using an Arduino.

I also created a light for the top of the tree that used two RGB LEDs that could be controlled via Twitter, different hashtags would changed the colour and the amount of times the LEDs would flash. This portion of the project was controlled by a Raspberry Pi using Python. The Pi also hosted a Node.js server which acted as a display which was show on a large television. This displayed the incoming tweets from users and images they had also tweeted. Certain hashtags could also play videos and music on the televsion.

To read more about what the project could do and how it did it, documentation is available on the GitHub link below.