Home Automation for Glass

For my final university project, I decided to make Home Automation for Google Glass. This project allows you to remotely control some basic household functions on a model house via a Google Glass app (voice commands and touch menu) or a web UI.

The project comes in two parts. The actual app for Glass, written it Java. The source can be found on my GitHub at https://github.com/sephallen/HomeAutomationForGlass. The second part is a server written in NodeJS which can be ran on a Raspberry Pi or any other machine that can run NodeJS which source can be found at https://github.com/sephallen/HomeAutomationForGlassServer. The server controls an Arduino that has the standard firmata sketch running on it via a USB port. It also has a responsive web UI than can be accessed via a browser on any sized device.

The project currently features lights, a lockable door, an LCD screen which acts as a central heating thermostat and a working thermometer that can record the real current temperature.