Driver Timer Pebble app

For my university dissertation project I created an application for the Pebble smartwatch for HGV drivers to tracker their working hours to keep withing EU driving laws. The application alerts the driver when they need to have a rest period. As of writing this, the application has over 100 current installs, note this number is current and can both increase and decrease. I was also contacted by a van driver courier service in London who requested a feature to support van driving hours too, which I have also implemented.


Description from the Pebble app store

Driver Timer keeps track of your HGV driving hours for UK truck/lorry drivers. It should also be compatible with other countries that adhere to the EU Driving Laws.

As of version 1.1, the application now supports EU domestic rules too for van drivers etc. This option can be enabled in the settings page.

This app is very basic and only keeps track of driving hours on a daily basis. It has vibration alerts for when you are getting close to approaching your driving rest periods.

I made this app as part of my dissertation project for my university degree and I would appreciate any and all feedback. It is based on the original code from