Nick Stocks – Internet Dept

On Monday 9th February Nick Stocks from Internet Dept came in to talk us about search engine optimisation (SEO).

Nick is the Director of Internet Dept Expert on SEO and online marketing, his website can be found at

During his talk, Nick gave us some advice on how we can improve the SEO on our own portfolio websites. Google search ranks blogs very highly, and WordPress has good SEO built into it already. When used in conjunction with a free WorpdPress plugin names Yoast, the user can have an even greater control over the SEO their site offers. Another thing Yoast offers is an automatic sitemap creation tool. A sitemap is an xml file that can be submitted to Google to help the site index easier and faster.

A sitemap can be submitted to Google via another tool that Nick recommended, Google Webmaster Tools. This service shows webmasters how visitors reached their website or what the user had searched for in order to find their website.

For a while I had been planning to remake my portfolio site because the design had not changed since I first created it in the first year. Taking in all of Nick’s advice, I decided to create a WordPress theme for my site and install the Yoast plugin. Since using the recommended tools I have had some success in Google, for example if you search for something in my portfolio page, such as Pi IP Cam tweeter or Driver Timer Pebble app my website shows up on the first page of Google.

March 19, 2015