Jurassic Coast – First Brief Idea

Resort Marketing

Resort Marketing are a Dorset based company that offer tourism marketing for many different resorts, the one I am particularly interested in is their website worldheritagecoast.net where a section on the Jurassic Coast is available.

The company already appear quite digital media savvy, offering social links to Twitter and Facebook and offering tourism apps, UK Visitors Guide and Cruise Guides Worldwide, but only for iOS devices.

Though they do offer digital media artifacts, their main products are free visitor magazines which are distributed around the local area, offered at camp sites and restaurants etc.


Doing a search for Durdle Door on worldheritagecoast.net brings up some information on the location plus some surrounding area attractions. These attractions appear to be tailored more to older couples and families, though they do also include local pubs and clubs for younger audiences.

I would like to encourage more professional, working young couples (30 – 40 year olds) from the inner city to the area by advertising the the Jurassic Coast as a potential date or romantic getaway location.

Transport shouldn’t be an issue for most of the target audience, because most of them would probably have driving licences and the resources to own their a vehicle.

The Jurassic Coast could be too far for some cities as only a day trip, luckily the worldheritagecoast.net site shows local hotels available which I’m postive they recieve a commision on.

The Jurassic Coast could be advertised as an inexpensive alternative to a weekend abroad, with much less traveling time.


An app that offers information on Jurassic Coast attractions, including history and facilities would be a nice idea, but competing services such as Foursquare would more likely be used. Therefore an incentive for using the app would be necessary.

Offering discounts, such as allowing one half of a couple eat for free or at a reduced price at one the the local restaurants listed on worldheritage.net as a reward for visitng other attractions along the Jurassic Coast could be successful.

A mix of Foursquare and the current apps offered by Resort Marketing would be a good start.

I also like the game aspect of Ingress, especially because the geo located “portals” more often appear near landmarks. Though this could be off putting for an older, more professional audience, so the heavy game and sci-fi aspect would need to be toned down a lot.



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October 30, 2013