Jurassic Coast Field Trip

Electric Palace, Bridport

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The Electric Palace is a theatre in Bridport that shows both live performances and films. I was lucky enough to speak with some of the people who work there, and they told me that the show local films and current movies. They are able to attract all audiences by tailoring specific genres of films and live shows. I was also allowed to look around the theatre and was able to take some photos, in which you can see they use both a 35mm projector and a digital projector.

Dorchester Arts Centre

dorchesterartscentrep2 dorchesterartscentrep1dorchesterartsdiary

A brochure displaying up coming music events at the Dorchester Arts Centre. This isn’t particularly relevant to my film festival idea, but its useful to know other types of local media events. I may be targeting the same type of audience as the Dorchester Arts Centre, so avoiding scheduling conflicts would be a good idea.

Bridport Arts Centre

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Similar to the Dorchester Arts Centre, but the Bridport Arts Centre has a lot more film related entertainment on offer. I had the chance to speak to the staff and ask some questions.
The theatre in the Bridport Arts Centre is part of the Curzon group based in London. It was one of the very first Curzon cinemas in Britain. According to their about page: “Curzon Cinemas is a leading arthouse cinema chain with six venues across the capital and one cinema in Knutsford, East Cheshire.”
The theatre has 194 seats, but the staff told me a typical number of viewers for each film would be closer to 30-40 and a premiere would be around 70. These numbers would be quite manageable for an open air cinema.
The movies are hand picked from Curzon’s available titles to suit the audience, an example of a movie that wasn’t shown at Bridport due to the wrong target audience was Diana.
The typical age group is 30+, they find it very difficult to encourage younger viewers, even during the permiere of the Alan Partridge movie. This should help me in deciding my target audience.
They also have a bit of an identity crisis, being so close to the Electric Palace, people often mistakes Bridport Arts Centre’s posters for the Electric Palace. This is probably due to the name “arts centre”, its not clear that it also has a theatre, naming should be considered for my own project.
The arts centre only has two full time staff and three part time, despite this they have held 126 events since Christmas. Staffing shouldn’t be too much of a concern for my project as only small numbers are required.

bridportinfop2 bridportinfop1
This flyer highlights some attractions at Bridport, the main being the filming location for the TV drama Broadchurch.

During the recent field trip to various locations along the Jurassic Coast, I was able to obtain a lot of useful information. Some of the most useful items I picked up on the trip I have included in this post.

There is obviously a high demand for film entertainment a long the Jurassic Coast, this is very useful in helping me to reinforce and guide my idea of an open air film festival.

3D Photos of some cliffs along the Jurassic Coast

As I stated in my research plan, I was able to take some 3D photographs of some cliff faces using the 3D camera built into a Nintendo 3DS. These photos will display on a computer, but only in 2D. To view them in 3D some additional hardware will be needed.

Photo 1
Photo 2

These photos could be useful for knowing what to expect when planning on 3D mapping.



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November 13, 2013