Jurassic Coast Field Trip Research Plan

Some ideas of information I should try to collect on the field trip;

  • Take photos of surfaces for potential 3D mapping projection, use of the Nintendo 3DS 3D cameras from multiple angles could be beneficial.
  • Photograph surrounding area to see if seating and somewhere for the projector could be safely situated. – Can power be supplied or will a generator be needed?
  • Will noise pollution be an issue? Either too loud to hear the film, or will the film sound be a problem for neighbours/wildlife.
  • Record GPS locations of these areas using smartphone/tablet.
  • Record number of visitors in varying locations within certain times limits/time of day.
  • Record age groups of visitors and if they are a couple, family or group of friends.
  • Observe areas for other digital media attractions and cinemas, try to record details of visitors to these places too.

October 30, 2013