Gavin Williams – Fishrod Interactive

On Monday 2nd of March, Gavin Williams and some of his team from Fishrod Interactive came to visit us.

Gavin graduated  in 2010 as mature student like myself, and he founded Fishrod Interactive shortly after graduating with another student. They started off focusing on creating websites and had some big clients such as Fiat and Sky. Not being happy with just websites, Gavin decided he want Fishrod to be different and began to move into experiential marketing, which is creating a whole digital experience for a brand.

These new core services include interactive experiences, iOS and OSX apps, hardware integration web apps and APIs.

Some products I personally found interesting was a social roulette wheel game for the iPad for WWE in Germany. Players had three tries to win items and then come back in one hour and share it on Facebook. Doing this would encourage players to come back and play more and spread the word about the game to their friends. Using the free to play model that has had a lot of success with mobile phone games.

Throneoke was a karaoke game for players to sing a long to the Game of Thrones television theme tune. Fishrod created a piece of OSX software that works like Lips or the vocal part of Rock Band and called in Soundcheck. They have kept the rights to this piece of software and have since recycled it for other projects, such as a karaoke game for the Disney movie Frozen.

For Sky and Westfields (a large shopping centre in London), Fishrod created a news section video for the users. With the use of a green screen, users would be inserted into a news report on the fly catching a cricket ball.

I like the fact that Fishrod work on and retain the rights to their own intellectual property, allowing further development on their own software that can be resold to many different clients. However, I think that by limiting themselves to Apple products only could be detrimental to themselves. Relying solely on one company for your income can be troublesome, especially a company such as Apple which has a reputation of changing things on a whim.

I am very interested in combining digital media with physical items in the real world. Seeing that Fishrod have had success with installations gives me more confidence in my final project, Home Automation for Google Glass.

April 23, 2015