Existing Product Research

While thinking of other self monitoring products, health seems to be the first thing that comes to mind.

One common product is a diabetes blood tester that allows to diabetics to track and monitor their blood sugar levels to help them control their sugar intake.


For people who wish to monitor their health via steps walked, water and food intake etc, fitness trackers are currently a very popular product. The Pebble smart watch itself  is able to do some fitness tracking, but more popular are separate wearable devices such as the FitBit.


Moving away from the health market, time keeping in general is a common way of monitoring yourself. For cooking, something as simple as an egg timer can be very useful.


Or for working hours, products such as QuickBooks (http://www.intuit.co.uk) can be used to track freelance work, or a time card machine where the user checks in and out of work. Newer devices even has a fingerprint reader.


All these products share a common theme, Panopticism. The act of being monitored, and knowing you’re being monitored causes us to behave differently. To make it easier for us to adhere to our own rules having clear data allows us stay within the guidelines.

January 6, 2015