Driver Timer Research

Before creating my Driver Timer application, I have conducted a lot of research into existing products that share similarities. By far the closest product, which I have personally been using for a few years now, is the Trucker Timer app (, available on Android, iOS and Blackberry. This application is great and very full featured. It follows EU laws precisely and keeps a logs of every working day which can be accessed at any point. For a Pebble, this is far too much for its limited hardware, for example manually entering data would be painstakingly difficult. My main concern with this application is that you need to install in on a mobile phone, and in the UK even being caught touching a mobile phone while driving can lead to a huge fine and points on your licence, HGV drivers are even penalised more than regular car drivers.

The Trucker Timer is a paid app (currently £3.32) that has been downloaded between 10,000 – 50,00o times on the Google Play store. It also has a good rating of 4.6/5 and has a lot of positive feedback.

With my Driver Timer, I will make the user experience much more integrated because it is on a watch, not a phone, and eliminate the risk of operating a smartphone while driving.


November 4, 2014