Code clean up and UI changes for Driver Timer Pebble application

Removed/commented out a lot of legacy code
Lap code not needed for driver timer.

The original repository ( which I used as a starting point for my Driver Timer has a lot of functionality I did not need. This included a lap timer function which I removed the majority of in this latest commit.

Change typeface and size
Changed number typeface to Google’s Roboto Light and increased the font size to make better use of the screen width.

Some UI improvements, increased font size and font change to make it easier for the user to see the times. I chose Google’s Roboto font ( because it was designed for small digital screens (it is the default font for the latest versions of Android) and it is also free and open source. Also to tie it in with my final project, which will home automation via Google Glass. Google Glass runs a custom version of Android, and also uses the Roboto font.

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November 16, 2014