Tate Gallery Assignment



Click here to see our presentation of a smartphone app idea for the Tate Gallery.

  • Player travels through Tate attacking black & white monsters with a paint gun
  • The aim is to fully colour in the monster
  • Once the monster is fully coloured it’ll give the player points
  • These points can be spent on new weapons (oil pastels, watercolours, pencils, ink etc.)
  • Other features like a paint pallet can be used as shield and the monsters can fight back with erasers – erasing what the user has coloured in
  • The map the player travels through will represent Tate galleries (a different Tate gallery for each level)
  • Players can also use a colour pallet to change the paint/oils/ink they use
  • Different monsters are weak against different mediums and this will encourage creativity and variation of monsters
  • To publicise the game a feature to “share” scores and “coloured in” monsters on Facebook and Twitter will be included

November 19, 2012