Cleaned up legacy code and implemented the actionbar – Driver Timer

Tidied up some code
Removed more legacy code from origin repo.

The original repository I cloned for my Driver Timer used five separate code files, I was able to reduce this to a single code file and remove a lot of legacy unneeded code in this commit. This should make editing easier going forward and increase performance of the Driver Timer by requiring less resources.

Cleaned up actionbar icons

The original stopwatch project was first built during the Pebble SDK1 days (this is probably why the project would not build), the SDK has since moved onto version 2 which brought a lot of improvements. One of these improvements was the action bar layer ( Before, the project was using a static image for the button menu bar. This is fine but the action bar brings some improvements. Firstly, it makes applications on the Pebble keep a sense of unity, helping the user to familiarise themselves with new applications easier. It also gives the user a sense of feedback by highlighting the button’s action on the screen as they press the button.


November 21, 2014