Over 100 Driver Timer installs

A while ago my Driver Timer Pebble application broke the 100 current installs and currently sits at 121 with 5 hearts.

I am very pleased with the success of this application and it is far exceeding my expectations.

I was also contacted by a van courier service from London via the Pebble app store who requested I added a feature to support van driving hours laws, which differ to HGV. I implemented this via the use of a settings screen in which the user can quickly switch between the two modes, even on the fly.


Screenshot - 110315 - 10:15:17 Screenshot_2015-03-10-19-43-25

March 11, 2015
Using Processing with the Kinect, Raspberry Pi and the Twitter streaming API

For my latest assignment at University, my group and I have been tasked with the challenge of representing our fictional digital agency, Hex, as an interactive installation.

We are very ahead of schedule, but currently we have created an installation that uses the Xbox Kinect with Processing to display the user on screen which can interact with hexagons (derived from our name Hex) and using the colour palette from our brand bible.

On the bottom left of the screen is a photo which is taken of the user at set intervals using a Raspberry Pi running headlessly and hooked up to a Xbox 360 webcam. The Pi then uploads this to the Hex twitter account and Processing then receives this image via the Twitter streaming API and displays it instantly.

IMG_20140324_160019 IMG_20140324_160101

March 24, 2014
Reflective Essay Table of Contents

Clicking here will filter my Jurassic Coast blog posts and only display the ones which I consider to contain reflective writing. You may notice that the total number of words accumulated here far surpasses the word limit of 2000, but please bear in mind that not all the text found within this section should be considered as reflective.

The posts in this section are in reverse chronological order, which is typical for a blog. If you would prefer to view my progress in a more linear narrative, you may follow my table of contents as follows:

December 9, 2013
Advertising the open air film festival

The final stage for my open air film festival idea is advertising.

As I highlighted in a previous post, becoming part of the Purbeck Film Festival would be beneficial in that a lot of the advertising would have already been done by the charity organisation. Also cross promotion at other participating locations could boost attendance.

If joining the Purbeck Film Festival was not an option, posters in the local areas would be the next logical step. Though as I discovered in my interview with the Bridport Arts Centre, this can backfire as people could assume the advert is for a competing cinema in the same area. A clear advertising campaign would need to be created.

My target audience though, which could be referred to as “hipsters” (a counter-culture group) are traditionally anti-commercial. To combat this issue I would like to use an advertising model that has been very successful for secret bars in New York and other major cities, even here in the UK, London. The idea of these bars is to create a barrier of entry, you wouldn’t even know they existed unless you had previous knowledge of it. This gives people who have the knowledge a sense of elitism as they are in on the secret.
One example is PDT (please don’t tell) in New York. On the outside it looks like, and also functions as a hot dog bar. But if you step inside the telephone box inside the hot dog bar and press the buzzer just once, a voice will answer and you are then given access to the bar behind, stepping through the secret door inside the telephone box.
This idea works because it is a badly kept secret, humans by nature love to share secrets with each other. By targeting just a few influential people the “secret” open air cinema, by word of mouth this information would spread and reach just my target audience, not everyone who would see a public poster.



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December 6, 2013
Jurassic Coast Pitch Presentation

Click here to see the pitch presentation for my open air film festival idea.

For my pitch presentation, I used my previous What, Why, How presentation and added some additional artefacts.
The first being the mock-up video of  a movie trailer being projected on a cliff face (click here to see separate post).

Additionally I included some alternative uses for the same projection technology:


The ability to play video games, particularly multiplayer games could be quite successful. Social gaming is very popular, a quick search on meetup.com for video game meetups in the UK will yield quite a few results for just London alone. (http://videogame.meetup.com/cities/gb/17/london/)


Another possibility I brought up in my presentation was projections that used the surrounding environment to further enhance the viewing experience. The example in the mock up image is a tailor made educational dinosaur video that uses a cave wall as part of the mise-en-scene. According to NeuroNet Learning, interactive learning may boost memory skills. The other advantage of being inside a cave is that it is always dark, therefore younger viewers would not need to wait until night time to be able to experience the shows.
Enhancing the experience could also just be choosing films that fit the location. James Cameron’s Titanic (1997) would fit nicely with the sounds of the waves behind the audience or Robert Zemeckis’s Cast Aways (2000) would be well suited to a beach.


This additional ideas bring expandability to the initial film festival idea, but for purpose of this brief I am going to focus on just the film idea alone. Initially starting a new event without a focussed direction could be detrimental to the success of the project. According to the entrepreneurs at about.com “multitasking is the enemy of small business owner productivity“, and I would also need to alter my target audience for these additional ideas. I feel the initial film idea also fits better with ExLab’s image “ExLab is a ground-breaking arts programme along the Jurassic Coast”, of course art is completely subjective, but film is probably a safer start than gaming.


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November 22, 2013
Jurassic Coast Mock Up Video

[youtube id=”_bKqP4JItKs”]

A quick video I made in After Effects to show how my idea of an open air cinema may look. I dropped the opacity and skewed the video to fit the cliff face. In this example, I used the trailer from Hayao Miyzaki’s latest film, The Wind Rises.



The Wind Rises. 2013. [film] Hayao Miyazaki.

November 21, 2013