Over 100 Driver Timer installs

A while ago my Driver Timer Pebble application broke the 100 current installs and currently sits at 121 with 5 hearts.

I am very pleased with the success of this application and it is far exceeding my expectations.

I was also contacted by a van courier service from London via the Pebble app store who requested I added a feature to support van driving hours laws, which differ to HGV. I implemented this via the use of a settings screen in which the user can quickly switch between the two modes, even on the fly.


Screenshot - 110315 - 10:15:17 Screenshot_2015-03-10-19-43-25

March 11, 2015
72 Hour App Store Update

The number of installs has increased again today to 27 and I finally have received a “heart” rating. Interesting, yet unsurprisingly, the number of install per day has been dropping as seen in the chart.

Screenshot 2015-01-14 at 12.33.33

January 14, 2015
48 Hour App Store Update

To more of my surprise, the install number for my app went up again today to 23. I have still yet to receive any “hearts” or feedback though.

Screenshot 2015-01-13 at 11.37.29

24 Hours After App Store Submission

None of my close friends or family own a Pebble smart watch and a lot of the HGV drivers I work with do not even have smartphones. With this is mind I was not very optimistic with the success of the Driver Timer app in the Pebble app store.

The Pebble app store offers a dashboard for developers where they can view their submitted applications and view statistics about that. One of the statistics is the current number of installs an app has, note this is current installs, if a user wishes to delete the app after installing it, this number will decrease.

To my surprise, 24 hours after submitting my Driver Timer app, I currently have 13 installs. I’m am yet to get any feedback from these users but I hope to get some eventually.


January 12, 2015
Pebble App Store Submission

After finishing the Driver Timer app and graphics, I submitted the application to the Pebble app store.


I have considered this first submission version 1.0 of the Driver Timer app. The submission includes a mock up of how the app will look while browsed on a smartphone.

Shortly after submitting the Driver Timer, it appeared on the front page of the Pebble app store under the All Apps section.


The screenshot was taken from the Android version of the Pebble app store.

When clicking through to the application page, more information on the Driver timer is displayed.


The banner graphic is displayed along the top with a couple of screenshots of the Driver Timer shown below. Underneath a brief description of the functionality I wrote is displayed.

The app page can also be viewed on a computer browser (https://apps.getpebble.com/applications/54b2708e6357ce9213000061).

Screenshot 2015-01-12 at 13.13.25

Unfortunately on the web version the background is auto-generated, presumably from the banner image and it does not look very professional. Other than that the graphics look great in this format.

Pebble App Store Graphics

With my Driver Timer in a releasable state, my next step was to release it to the public via the Pebble app store. I am not expecting a huge amount of downloads or feedback because of the market adoption rate of the Pebble is not very high, and their target audience is not typically truck drivers.

To submit an app to the Pebble app store, developers are required to also submit an app icon and a header image. For these graphics I worked with a graphic design student from the Arts University Bournemouth.

I wanted the graphics to be simple, reflecting the app itself, and I also wanted it to be consistent with the app design, so we used the same Roboto typeface. The graphics feature the same “drive” icon associated with the tachograph controls that I also used in the app and used as the main icon for the app on the Pebble’s screen.

144x144 drivertimer

The app icon for the store has rounded corners as do most others on the Pebble app store. The banner is a wider version of the icon.