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Fire Kills Campaign Ideas



Ideas for the Fire Kills campaign

October 29, 2012

Final Pedal to the Metal Presentation

click here to see our final presentation on google docs

October 15, 2012

Pedal to the Metal Title Image



a title image for the presentation by Ollie

Moose designed some images for the presentation.

October 13, 2012

First meeting for Pedal to the Metal campaign

Today we met in the library to discuss ideas for the Pedal to the Metal viral video campaign.

We came up with the following ideas:


  • Our idea is to film a street race through London using supercars that will be involved in the game however, as the car is driving you will be able to interact with the video somehow (most likely through Youtube). The viewer will be able to customise the car to their preference as it is driving meaning that the every detail down to the smallest of parts will be customisable. The supercar will not stop while alterations are being made to it as it will look unprofessional and the flow of the video is what will attract most of the viewers.
  • As the game is being released just before Christmas, another video could be released of Santa delivering presents to all the children around the world but you never see his sleigh, you simply see him going down chimneys and placing presents and at the there is a close up of Santa and as it zooms out it reveals him in a supercar with presents in the back and he says I gave the reindeers a rest this year. 


Once the street race is finished you will be able to download the content you have created onto your console or PC within the first two weeks of the launch meaning the majority of viewers will be obtained very quickly as they will have more of a reason than simply to watch the video.


We will make our audience share the video with one another in the first two week period as that is the only time they will be able to download the content they have created for the game. (Need more ideas)

Publicity stunt ideas

  • A subtle yet effective idea we created involves placing speakers throughout London in random hotspots and playing the sound of a supercar driving down a road at a high speed scaring the majority of pedestrians as they believe it’s real and once the sound has stopped a loud God like voice will appear saying the words “It’s Coming”. Also by each hotspot there will be a very large billboard with a poster advertising the game on it. 
  • Large model cars placed through London that will be used for projection mapping, cars will be customised to detail similar to the most professional and stylish entry sent in from a fan. Also the winning fan will win a few laps around a track in a supercar with a professional driver.

October 11, 2012

initial ideas brainstorm notes

August 11, 2012