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Logo ideas for our group production assignment – a video website







Here are a few ideas from the group for our video website logo. We decided on the name Parosite (a combination of parody and site) because the videos on the site will be of parodies. Parosite sounds like parasite, hence the bug ideas for the logo. We were given 24 hours to design a logo and to create a presentation that would go along with it.

January 14, 2013

Personal Portfolio Website

The final deadline for this assignment isn’t until March, but we had a deadline today to present what we have done so far.

I am quite happy with how my portfolio is turning out, I am very interested in simplistic designs which are easy for the user to navigate.

The idea for the website started with the domain, I was trying to find a custom URL that would work for me. During my research, I came across the .ph domain, which is from the Philippines. Unfortunately was already taken, but was not. To me, this sounded quite humorous but also classy and gentlemanly. This is why I decided to use a classy looking typeface for the logo and a pinstripe suit style background. To me this, along with the white content background, it looks a bit like an open suit, showing the shirt behind.

My portfolio site can be viewed here.

January 8, 2013

Term 1 Media Theory Essay

Here is my essay which aims to answer the following question:

Discuss ways in which academic concepts and theories can help us to understand digital media texts. Your answer MUST (a) explore two or more of the concepts and theories introduced in key lectures and  readings and (b) analyse a selection of examples including contemporary digital media texts AND an example of your own production work.

The essay had a 3000 word limit with an addition 1500 word annotated bibliography.

My finished essay can be read here and the bibliography is here.

December 12, 2012

Tate Gallery Assignment



Click here to see our presentation of a smartphone app idea for the Tate Gallery.

  • Player travels through Tate attacking black & white monsters with a paint gun
  • The aim is to fully colour in the monster
  • Once the monster is fully coloured it’ll give the player points
  • These points can be spent on new weapons (oil pastels, watercolours, pencils, ink etc.)
  • Other features like a paint pallet can be used as shield and the monsters can fight back with erasers – erasing what the user has coloured in
  • The map the player travels through will represent Tate galleries (a different Tate gallery for each level)
  • Players can also use a colour pallet to change the paint/oils/ink they use
  • Different monsters are weak against different mediums and this will encourage creativity and variation of monsters
  • To publicise the game a feature to “share” scores and “coloured in” monsters on Facebook and Twitter will be included

November 19, 2012

Fire Kills Campaign Assignment



The image that I have decided to write about is a mock-up, shock tactics style poster that a made for our “Fire Kills” campaign presentation. The poster is aimed towards adults, particularly parents.
The signifier of the poster is the photograph in the centre, it is a referent of a bed. The fact the bed is quite small, untidy and has a teddy bear conveys the meaning of a child’s bed, this is known as an indexical sign. The photograph creates a meaning with what it is directly connected with.
It’s not what is in the photograph thats most important, its the absence of a child. The subject of the image, the signified, creates a paradigmatic meaning in their minds of a child who was once there. There could be an almost infinite amount of reasons why this could be true, which is why the text is important to the image. It gives the subject a context in which to view the image, without this the poster would be much less effective.

November 1, 2012

Fire Kills Campaign Presentation



click here to see our final presentation for the Fire Kills Campaign