My incessant ramblings

Experimenting with Laser Cutting



This is a laser cutting project I helped my girlfriend with. The laser cutter is a very powerful tool and can yield some very impressive results.

I was planning on using it for my brand project, but unfortunately the arts university (AUCB) where the laser cutter is situated, closes for easter a week before Bournemouth University does, and I was unable to use it before the deadline.

This would have been a great 3D real world example for my logo.

March 25, 2013

Katame Daruma Game

In the brand production brief, I was asked to make a short animation up to 10 seconds and also show how my logo could be made interactive.

i decided to try and combine these two aspects into one thing. The menu for my animation displays my logo with the name underneath. The animated background is on an infinite loop (around 6 seconds of animation). If you were to click on the “play game” button, you can then interact with the logo using your mouse to try and destroy aliens.

Katame Daruma Animation


I made this 30 second animation using Adobe After Effects and Premiere.
The animation is for my brand production assignment. My brand, Katame Daruma is a retro games studio.

Katame Daruma Animation Storyboard



Storyboard for Katame Daruma animation.

March 24, 2013

Another Vector Graphic

I tried to create another vector graphic of the logo to show how it would look while not in a retro game.

February 26, 2013

Katame Daruma Vector Graphic

Here is a mock up of my logo made in Adobe Illustrator. Using Illustrator to create a vector graphic of the logo allows me to resize the image infinitely without any loss of quality.