Ben Templeton – Thoughtden, Preloaded

For our final session on industry perspectives, we were joined by Ben Templeton of Thoughtden and Preloaded on Monday 16th of March.

By far one of the most memorable talks, Ben’s session was more of an interactive series and thought exercises via the use of Google polls.

For Ben’s final project, he created a web based 3D map version of Amsterdam, pre-dating the Google maps versions available today. The university were so impressed with his project that they paid him £10k to create a version of Bournemouth University with the same technology. Two years later he was approached by Portsmouth University to do the same again, this time for £16k. This gives my hope that my final project can have a large impact on my working career after university, reinforcing the idea that it is important to spend a lot of time crafting a well polish project. After graduating, Ben started an agency, Thoughtden, which he is still the founder of today.

For the bulk of our session with Ben, he gave us a huge insight into how agencies work behind the scenes through the use of polls in which we all had to live vote on. These polls consisted of budgets, team sizes and total work hours on real projects that Ben has been involved with in the past. This is the first time I have personally be introduced into the inner working of agency pitches and the work that is involved in managing projects and teams. Though I find these things interesting, I really have no desire to become a project manager or equivalent in an agency, and this really reinforced these feelings for me.

April 29, 2015