Alumni Panel

On Monday 23rd of February we were joined by five alumni from the Digital Media Design degree (previously known as Interactive Media Production) which have all stayed local to work in different agencies.

Tim Stone graduated in 2012 and started working in Zeta after university and has currently worked at Red Web for the last two years as a lead front end developer. Red Web started as a graphic design agency fourteen years ago. It now has over 130 employees and over 50 contractors in London.

Ralph Saunders who graduated in 2013 also works with Tim Stone at Red Web on the same development team, but specialises in front end design. Red Web differs from a lot of agencies as it offers long term support contracts as opposed to finishing a design for a client and then ending the contract.

Frank Clark also graduated in 2012 and currently works at Folk Digital in Branksome as a Technical Consultant (mainly PHP development). Frank has worked for Folk Digital since graduating. Initially, the agency started with twelve employees based above a shop. Currently the agency has expanded to 223 employees and they specialise mostly in Magento framework based commerce sites.

Chris Rogers, also graduated in 2012 currently works at Zeta. After graduating he decided to make his own startup agency with a classmate, which unfortunately failed. Afterwards he joined a financing company named Ratio which is part of the Richmond group at Richmond Hill in Bournemouth as a PHP developer, but due to ethical reasons he decide to leave. His current employer, Zeta, now have fourteen employees an open plan office in Poole. Chris started as a front end developer, but now also does iOS, Android and back end development.

Will Squire graduated in 2014 and started working in house for a property company after leaving university. He now works for an agency that also specialises in property as a senior developer specialising in PHP working with frameworks such as Drupal, WordPress and Symphony. Two evenings a week, Will also teaches workshops for current Digital Media Design students at Bournemouth University.

A common theme linking all of these alumni together is the fact that they are all developers. In fact this theme seemed to run through most of the industry perspective module. As I consider myself a developer, this is very reassuring to me. But in the current third year, I would say less than one quarter of students consider themselves to be a developer, while the rest are designers. This is probably something the degree needs to address. The panel advised us that knowing a little about a lot of things is very beneficial, completing online courses, such as those offer can give us the edge when applying for jobs. Good writing skills are often overlooked but are also very important, for things such as writing documentation and comments in code. Going to industry events was also highly advised in order to help us to meet potential employers and colleagues. When finally applying for jobs we should aim for high salaries and not put ourselves or our skills down. Digital Media Design students are very valuable and sought after.

April 23, 2015