Added rest time placeholder and vibrate alerts to Driver Timer

Today’s commits for my dissertation project:

Stop timer when remaining drive time runs out

When the drive timer reaches zero, the timer should stop instead of carrying on through to negative time for the remaining drive timer section.

Added vibrate alerts
To warn user when one hour, thirty minutes and no driving time remains by vibrating watch once, twice and a long pulse respectively.

Vibrate alerts to warn the driver that the rest period should taken soon. The Pebble doesn’t support audio alerts, but driving a HGV can sometimes be quite noisy so I feel that vibrate alerts are better suited to the environment. I also like the physical integration with the Driver Timer to the user, as the user receives haptic feedback as an alert.

Added rest time place holders and separation line

To get an idea of how the final UI will look, I have added a place holder timer for the rest period.


November 13, 2014